Chinese University of Hong Kong – Faculty and Staff Housing

Shenzhen, China

This faculty and staff housing project contains 554 units for a mix of families and individuals. The project creates a boundary for the Northeast edge of campus, where 1 and 2 bedroom units open out to a new campus entrance. An open, covered passage descends with the topography along the middle, enhancing public connections to the landscaped park beyond. Multiple cores connect from underground parking to upper level, 3 and 4 bedroom, family units to provide minimal corridor length, giving each unit easy accessibility. Each façade maximizes efficiency in light and air transmission, with balconies and a screen wall on the South façade that minimizes Southern light exposure, and vertical fins to minimize glare from the East and West on the North facade.  As the elevation descends from the landscape beyond the campus, the building both engages with its natural surroundings and embraces the principles of innovation inherent to the school, performing efficiently and joining the landscape back into a campus pathway that serves as the spine of the campus.