Rio Rancho / Garey Education Complex, 9th Grade Campus for PUSD

Pomona Unified School District, Pomona, California

This 83,000 square foot project creates a new campus for ninth graders. Set in an area of Pomona with wide, desolate streets, this project creates a new front and extends an existing landscaped zone along the street into the site to create pathways into the school. A ruled surface supported by steel trusses varies in height to accommodate program with a dynamic street façade. The new façade both opens to the street to engage with the community, and encloses spaces for private student activity. On the interior of the campus, a new student street serves to connect the components of the campus and links to the primary street corner.  This interior campus core contains avenues of classrooms, organized in clusters around courtyards to provide quiet outdoor study areas and an active campus life.

Long Beach AIA Honor Award