Sunset Avenue Residence

This 1,800 square foot residence blurs the boundary between interior and exterior by creating thoughtful connections to the surrounding natural environment. This home embodies the idea of indoor and outdoor living and creates a garden retreat within an urban context for the family. From the main living space, different views are framed by unique openings. A doorway with cinematic proportions creates a panorama of a lush garden, acting like a window in the way it floats above the main living space and frames the scenery behind. As the garden changes through the seasons so does the view framed in the living space, creating a dynamic relationship between the inside and out. The doors can be opened to allow the outdoors to flow in and create the sense of being outdoors while inside the home. A see-through aluminum staircase leads up to a hydraulic skylight that frames the sky above and acts as a gateway to the roof deck beyond. The project is nestled into its hillside site in such a way that provides views of the ocean from both the roof terrace of the main house and from the terrace of guest house. The terraces of these two structures are connected by a ramp bridge, which creates a garden courtyard below. The garden encourages the interaction of local flora such as butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and birds, which are not frequently seen in the context of a city. Instead of using grass, thyme is planted around the pavers on the main level of the courtyard to attract bees and provide a home for the endangered species, who in turn contribute to a larger ecology of the neighborhood.

Architecture Masterprize, Honorable Mention
LA AIA Residential Award
California Home + Design Award for Landscape Design