Williams Residence


This expansive single-story courtyard residence is in a riparian forest along a riverbed in San Francisco‚Äôs South Bay area. This house has a maximum envelope for minimum interior volume–it literally extends itself to the landscape. It is both engulfed in and surrounding an enormous landscape. Low and horizontal, the house relates to the landscape while it surrounds a voluminous roofed, courtyard space. The outside room in the center of the courtyard is separated from the courtyard edges by a garden slot and contains an over-scaled skylight as well as a large hole in the roof. Semi-attached and semi-detached, the new outdoor room blurs the inside/outside feel in both hierarchy and scale. The interior of the house feels simultaneously embedded in the landscape and as expanding interior space. With eleven-foot ceilings, this low-slung residence intertwines the scales of expansive landscape and house. An open corridor with operable, corrugated, perforated, bonderized steel panels allows for customizable privacy conditions.